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Our office is excited to offer the latest in advanced dentistry. Our mission is to provide dental care that is personalized to your individual needs and that encourages lasting relationships. We know that preventive dental care is essential to maintain good health, but we are also aware of the financial strain that such care can put on your family. Our Dental VIP is designed for patients who do not have dental insurance. 

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Two regular cleanings and examinations in a 12 month period will be $20.00 / each visit.
  • 1 set of BW-x rays in a 12 month period
  • 25% discount on all dental treatments received in our office (Care Credit not applicable.)

The VIP membership is renewable on a yearly basis. Membership is non-refundable and all benefits are usable only in a 12-month period after the membership is paid in full. Since the VIP entitles our members to a generous discount of 25%, we also require that all treatments be paid for in full at the time of service. .

The VIP Annual Membership Fees are:

  • $150.00 for each patient 13 and over
  • $100.00 for each patient under 13 years old.

We look forward to providing our VIP members the highest level of dental care, while keeping your dental treatment costs to a minimum!

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